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 Edmonton and area LOCAL virtual farmers market.

An  online farmers market is making it simple
to eat healthy organic foods and support local producers
and artisans at the same time.

 The  focus is on LOCAL
Naturally grown food,
and  sustainable farmland.

Are you interested in where your food and wellness products come from?
Do you want to support Local Business?

 If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place! Here at,  we  connect you directly to the best locally grown and made products from real people who are passionate about what they do! is a virtual marketplace developed to bring farmers and producers together with their buyers, allowing customers to buy direct from the person who grows or makes the product.

To keep prices as low as possible, we cut out the warehouse or middleperson. We connect you to your favorite producers who complete your order directly from their farm or business

To maintain integrity of the  relationship between the farmer/producer, we provide you with the freshest made products  from the farm or business.

The growers set their own prices

The system is meant to emulate many aspects of a traditional “booths and tables” farmers’ market. The customers are buying directly from the producer , at prices set by the producer. The
producer describes what is available, supplies photos of the items, and sets the purchase price.

The customer has choices

Just like at a traditional farmers’ market, the customer can browse everything that is available from all of the different
producers. The customer can choose exactly what to buy, how much to buy, and from what producer to buy.

The customer has time to decide.
No more sales

Unlike a traditional market that may be only open for a couple hours
(with all the good stuff gone soon after opening), is virtually open 24/7. 

Availability is variable

Even with unpredictable factors - such as weather - allows customers to order an item that is not immediately available when the order is put together, but can be harvested or made before delivery.

The produce is harvested to order

producer then  begins  to put the order together for delivery.  They have time to  harvest/produce exactly what was ordered to package it.  Some items, such as Garlic for example, are often cured for a while before sale. Jams and other preserves may be made in batches. Honey is processed seasonally and then stored. Soap is made in batches. You get the idea, but most things will indeed be harvested to order.

Thank you for supporting
your local community!


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